Interior Design

With over 20 years design experience, we can tailor your space to suit your lifestyle and budget to create a unique environment that matches your house and office

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From exploring design concepts for your kitchen layout, through to total turnkey design and documentation services for your new home or office, we have over 25 years expertise in servicing our client's design aspirations in the residential, corporate and retail sectors.

Design Concept Services

Sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective when you are trying to solve issues of layout, materials, circulation and all of the other intricacies you might not have even thought about - don't worry, we've done it all before, so we can steer your aesthetics in the right direction. By enlisting our design concept services, we can help you.

Many of our clients call us in for just the Design Concept, helping them to realise simple and achievable design ideas. This service gives you the confidence that you can then proceed at your own pace .

Brief Refinement

We will help you discover what you really want to achieve within your aesthetics, and help you to realise what could be possible. Having a wish list in only part of the challenge of refining your preferred outcome.

Colour Consultancy

Colour psychology plays such an important role in our lives to affect our emotions and attitudes, often without you knowing it.

InLoc Design can put together a colour and materials palette that suits your style, function and mood to enhance your living and working spaces, or to entice your customers to linger and eat / buy more from your store.

Needs Analysis

With careful strategic consulting, our design experts will conduct a Needs Analysis with you and your family/staff to determine what you spatial and functional requirements you really need, take stock of what you have to work with, and make current and ongoing strategic responses that meet your own long term aspirations

Project Documentation

Whether you are just planning a quick weekend makeover or plan to revamp the entire house, the key to success for any design project is in the detail. From concept sketches, floor plans, furniture layouts, lighting schematics, colour charts and sample boards, and product specifications, we can prepare all of the necessary documentation to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible from beginning to end.

With our many years of tender representation on both sides of the table, we can efficiently prepare documentation for your contractors to ensure you are getting what you want at the outset, and to help eliminate those nasty little surprises that inevitably arise in the most ardent project.

From conventional design drawings through to photo realistic 3D imaging, we can help you visualise your design outcomes before you even pick up a hammer.