Energy Efficiency

InLoc Design believes in eco-friendly design and sustainability in both construction materials and energy consumption. We favour FSC, Green Tag and Green Star certified products.

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An energy efficient home, office and garden is one of the best ways to save money throughout the life of your space.

From insulation, window treatments, flooring, lighting, taps & bathroom fittings, kitchen appliances through to cladding & building materials and window placement, there are many factors that can contribute or inhibit the efficient running costs, maintenance and comfort.

Where possible, InLoc Design gives credence and preference to products that benefit from sustainability in manufacture, transport, installation and ongoing consumption of utility services. These may include:

  • FSC Forest Stewardship Council - sustainable grown and managed timber plantations
  • Green Tag Certification - products and materials that have a low environmental impact
  • Recyclable - products and materials that are composed of recycled material, or can  be quickly and efficiently broken down into recyclable or re-useable components
  • WELS rating - water efficient taps and bathroom/kitchen appliances that have a low water consumption, or can be operated using recycled or potable water sources